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Fight Breaks Out After Customer Locked In Nail Salon For Refusing To Pay Bill

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For plenty of people, having their nails done is a creative form of expression to depict who they are.

Although some individuals may chose to paint their nails themselves, other people prefer to have them done professionally, which while is relaxing, gives someone else control on a part of your outward appearance.

And while you aren't always guaranteed to have the results you wanted, you're expected to pay regardless.

However, when one woman became dissatisfied with her nails, she refused to pay the full price for the service, resulting in a full blown melee.

“You can fix my nail or I’m not f***ing paying.”

On August 4, Ashley Deshaies, 26, went to HD Nails in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada to have a manicure and pedicure, but refused to pay the $76 bill after claiming there were problems with her nails.

An argument broke out when Deshaies said she would only pay half the bill unless the imperfections were fixed, which allegedly resulted in her becoming locked in the salon by its employees.

Ashley Deshaies fighting with the nail salon staff
The altercationGlobal News

Footage of the altercation showed the furious customer screaming at the staff, and then being forcibly held back from exiting the premises.

"They're all different lengths … you guys didn't even finish my toes," Deshaies is recorded arguing. "It looks horrible."

“You can fix my nail or I’m not f***ing paying,” she added.

"You liar!" a staff member is heard yelling back.

The staff preventing Ashley from leaving
The staff prevented Ashley Deshaies from leaving the salonGlobal News

Deshaies was able to call her stepfather, Bernier Besier, who arrived on the scene with a family friend, Fred Rischanek, who claimed she was in “total distress, and she just wanted out of there.”

“She was just saying, ‘help me, help me,'” Rischanek continued.

Deshaies and HD Nails' owner Anna Dang said they both came out with bruises and scratches before the Chilliwack RCMP arrived on the scene and ordered Deshaies to pay $23.

Ashley Dang
HD Nails' owner Anna DangCTV

However, the Deshaies' family claim the officers involved didn't take her statement, and "threatened to arrest her for fraud" if she refused to pay her bill.

"That was handled very unprofessionally, in my opinion," Besier told CTV. "He should have basically taken the statements from both sides and said, 'If you want your money for the service provided, take her to civil court.'"

"Why would you spend $10,000 chasing $200?”

According to consumer rights activists, customers are allowed to forgo paying for a service they aren't pleased with, as long as they give out their contact information should the business chose to take legal action against them.

“If you’ve got something that you don’t like, you’re pretty stupid if you just take it and be quiet and walk away from it,” Bruce Cran of the Consumers Association of Canada told Global News.

“Why would you spend $10,000 chasing $200?” he added.

Ashley Deshaies showing off her nails
Ashley Deshaies showing off her problematic nailsGlobal News

But while Deshaies isn't the only one to have a negative experience at the salon, other people have come out with a happy ending.

"I forgive the nail people for not doing my nails."

When one woman was refused service at a Burton, Michigan nail salon, Walmart employee Ebony Harris, 40, decided to brighten up her day.

Angela Peters, 36, a regular Walmart customer, has cerebral palsy, which causes her hands to shake. Due to the tremors, the unnamed salon said it would be too difficult to paint Peters' nails, leaving her dejected.

When Harris found out about the situation, she decided to forgo her break and spend that time giving Peters, who was at the superstore, a manicure instead.

The pair picked out a glittery blue polish, and sat down outside the Subway in the Walmart, where Harris got to work.

Ebony Harris painting Angela Peters' nails
Ebony Harris painting Angela Peters' nailsWJRT

"I knew her from her coming in here shopping," Harris told ABC News. "I’ve helped her shop a couple of times. I just wanted to do her nails and I didn’t want her day to be ruined."

Harris added that while Peters apologized to her about her hand's trembling, she was shaking herself, as she didn't want to "mess her nails up."

While Harris received applause on social media for her good deed, her employer, Walmart also took notice and said they're "not surprised at her act of kindness."

"Ebony simply wanted to make sure our customer’s day was special, and that’s the kind of person she is -- someone with a wonderful attitude who goes the extra mile each day to make those around her feel important. We're not surprised at her act of kindness. Her service to customers defines the spirit of Walmart, and we couldn’t be more proud,” the company said in a statement to ABC News.

Angela Peters' painted nails
Angela Peters' glittery blue nailsWJRT

Peters said that she isn't harboring any bitterness towards the salon who refused to take her on as a client, and hoped her story would inspire the public to "treat people with disabilities in the same way they would like to be treated."

"I forgive the nail people for not doing my nails," Peters told ABC News in a statement. "When people do us wrong we must forgive, if not we harbor bitterness. I don't want anyone fired, I just [want to] educate people that people with different challenges like being in a wheelchair, we can have our own business and get our nails done like anyone else."

"We want people to look at the positive side of the story, that there are a lot of good people out here," she added.

Angela Peters and Ebony Harris
Angela Peters and Ebony HarrisAngela Peters

Do you have any similar experiences like Ashley Deshaies or Angela Peters? Let us know in the comments!

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