Judge Orders Parents To Change Daughter's Unusual Name Or Else He Will


One of the toughest decisions for parents with a newborn is deciding on the youngster's name. Both mother and father may have significantly contrasting ideas, and have the burden of picking the moniker their children will be called for the rest of their lives.

When I was born, my parents had agreed on my name months in advance, but couldn't decide on my brother's. They finally resolved the issue by combining their top choices for his first and middle name, but the decision didn't come easy.

But, as it turns out, even if a couple come to a mutual agreement on their child's name, it doesn't mean everyone will approve, and that includes legally.

When a French couple welcomed their newborn daughter into the world this past November, they picked an unusual name that perfectly fit their third child.

Unfortunately, not everyone seemed to agree. In February, the court stepped in and ordered the pair to change their daughter's "unique" name.

But what is the moniker that's causing such a high level of controversy?

The parents decided to name their daughter Liam, which is traditionally a boy's name. The French government were concerned "would be likely to create a risk of gender confusion", reports The Local, with the prosecutor adding that the name was "contrary to the interest of the child and could harm her in her social relations and told a judge to ban the parents from using it."

Should they fail to come up with an alternative name in a timely fashion, the judge announced he will step in and name the child himself.

Despite seeking legal aid to fight the order, the anonymous couple have postponed the date of the baptism until the matter is resolved.

This isn't the first time the courts have been involved in deciding a child's name including Nutella, Fraise (Strawberry) and Manhattan. New Zealand and Mexico have also banned certain names they felt went too far.

Do you think the parents have the right to keep their daughter's name?

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