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A Dream Came True For This Waitress When Her Good Deed Was Caught On Camera

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Laura Wolf

Evoni Williams Day

Mayor Bobby Hocking shared the picture of Williams on La Marque's own Facebook page, writing "Kindness is free, folks. We are proud!"

In fact, the mayor was so proud of Williams and the attention she garnered that he declared March 8 would be named "Evoni 'Nini' Williams Day" in her honor.

But there was another surprise in store for the helpful waitress.

Williams reacts to her scholarship.ABC 13

News of her good deed reached the nearby Texas Southern University.

When administrators learned Williams was working to raise money for her education, they awarded her a $16,000 scholarship.

Williams says she hopes to study business, and start her own restaurant or salon some day.

Still Modest

Even after the outpouring of support for her show of kindness, Williams is trying to keep things in perspective.

“It’s something I would do any other day," she says about helping her customers.

I'm glad to see a positive story like this getting some recognition!

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